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Designing and Constructing Cost Effective Shoring Systems for All Your Project Needs

We work in a tough business. The hours are long, working conditions are demanding and unforeseen challenges are common. In an industry of risk and constant change, our goal is to provide our clients with the expertise to handle any challenge. The job can't wait for second chances... you have to get it right the first time. The company you choose to partner with is critical to the success of your project. You need a partner you can rely on... whose knowledge and experience in delivering proven solutions is unsurpassed.

With leadership and quality workmanship, working together safely, there are no restrictions on what we can accomplish. Through our dedication to serve our clients, we look to succeed and grow together with them. American Shoring is capable of designing and constructing cost effective shoring systems to meet the project requirements. We pride ourselves on giving every job the complete benefit of this experience in service, cost control and problem solving.

Background Picture
Steam powered pile driving rig in Iran 1940 operated by Steve Owens, grandfather of American Shoring president Kelli Wilson.